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Slide Art

Slide Art

Design and Art come together

In 2011 Slide created Slide Art, a project where artists and designers work closely to shape plastic. The combination of Art, Design and Industrial Manufacturing matches perfectly to create limited and certified sculptures.


Designers and Artists do research-studies to discover the potentials of plastic and resins materials: Slide Art makes available to them the concrete expertise, knowledge and know-how of Slide industrial production. The Creativity meets the Made in Italy and together they create a new concept of Art, which uses the plastic material and elevates it to sculptural works produced in only 9 numbered and certified pieces. Design, imagination, communication, material and contemporaneity meet with 3D design, technology and tools: the sculptures that come from hybrid ideas are made of polystyrene, wood, fiberglass and composite, choosing the best materials to realize the original artistic idea. Continuous experimentation and applied technology for the pursuit of ideas make Slide Art be the core of an artistic matrix that is easily recognizable by the public, which considers contemporaneity and technology fundamental values in everyday life. For Slide Art, Design and Art become a global interpretation of reality and not only an individual image of it.

Art on the move

Slide Art is the collection of sculptures that are the spokespersons for a shared global thought of contemporaneity. Art and Design meet with each other and appear for the first time together, without the borders that usually divide these two fields: Design becomes a higher concept, while Art becomes a mass-produced objet, although in limited numbers. Slide Art offers a constantly updated collection that allows to acquire new knowledge and try new ways to create aesthetic innovations by reviewing shapes, colours and distinctive, productive and technical finishes in order to bring Art to mass-produced object of design. The message of contemporaneity moves all over the world and the sculptures of Slide Art become an integral part of temporary exhibitions and collections of international importance.

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